Guardians of the Galaxy

My first impression of this movie was not a particularly good one. I was originally not going to watch this film (a main reason being that I’d never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy), but after watching some trailers and discovering most of its reviews had nothing but praise for it, I decided to give it a shot. Within the first twenty minutes, my views of the movie had done a complete 180! This is by far one of Marvel’s best movies of all time, even surpassing, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Iron Man. “Whoa! That’s quite a big statement to make!” you might say. Before all the Robert Downey Jr. fanatics hunt me down, I will explain why Guardians of the Galaxy zoomed into my “Top Ten Best Superhero Movies” with record speed.

First, the characters. Nearly every one of them is interesting, compelling, hilarious, or all of the above! Each one’s backstory is absolutely relevant to the plot and I was growing more and more anxious to discover what else their pasts held. I really got a feel for their individual situations and challenges, and in some cases, an emotional connection to our heroes. I know this because I can remember every Guardians’ name and story without looking it up. This cast was brilliantly arranged: Chris Pratt (a MAJOR improvement since The Lego Movie, the same cannot be said for Will Arnett), Dave Bautista (now my favorite wrestler turned actor. Sorry Dwayne), Zoe Saldana (this saved her after Avatar), and Bradley Cooper as a walking talking mutant raccoon holding a laser gun accompanied by spawn of Treebeard voiced by Vin Diesel?! I rest my case. Second, the comedy! Holy heckball is this movie hysterical or what? The humor in this flick hits home 95% of the time. Various references, puns, and mild swearing had me laughing my hair off half the time. The timing of these jokes flows much better than that of Batman Begins or Man of Steel and made me laugh more than The Avengers or Iron Man 3. This is as much a comedy as it is a sci-fi.

Finally, the effects. The visuals in the movie are spectacular! The CGI and special effects are near-perfect (and I can be very picky when it comes to CGI). The action sequences look astounding and easily surpass other stunning visuals like those of Avatar.

Unfortunately, no movie with this much good can escape the box office without at least one major problem, and that problem is the villains. Ronan (the main villain) is about as paper thin a character as “The Shredder” in Michael Bay’s TMNT. His ultimate plan is to acquire the Magical Orb of Plot Devices, and use it to destroy the world (real original man). However, this one problem is like finding a carrot in my fruit salad, it doesn’t ruin the salad, it just tastes bitter. The movie as a whole is brilliant and I highly suggest watching it (I’m going to buy it).

Guardians of the Galaxy receives Guy’s Guru Grade of an A.


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