Mad Max: Fury Road

American cinema finally has its new milestone in action movies: Mad Max: Fury Road. You think I’m kidding? I mean it; this is one of the best action movies EVER MADE. It’s directed by George Miller (who directed the original Mad Max trilogy as well), written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, and Nick Lathouris, and stars: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult. Max (Hardy) is caught by some strange people and brought to their city as a slave. At the same time, a woman named Imperator (Charlize) is attempting to leave the city with some “fragile cargo” in tow. Max is brought in the intercept convoy as a captive and as he discovers what is going on, he must decide which side to be on.

Prior to watching this in the theater, my dad and I watched the Mad Max trilogy. The dystopian world George Miller created was something to behold, and his tense, realistic, attention-to-detail, style of directing made the films so unique and spectacular to watch. However, none of the previous films stand a chance against Fury Road. There is only one problem I have with this film. We see some flashbacks from Max’s past that haunt him throughout his quest. It is never really clear what was going on in the flashbacks, or who was in them. It doesn’t really hurt the film (as this provides great character development), but a bit more explanation would have been appreciated.

Now the positives. HOT DIGGITY, THE ACTION IS ASTOUNDING! *Ahem* The action sequences are filmed perfectly (not a word I regularly use). Wide shots of pure chaos, no shaky-cam, stellar stunt work, and the use of actual cars and real explosives make the action scenes from Furious 7, Transformers, and Independence Day look like freaking Catwoman! Oh, there are special effects in this movie, but they are used only when necessary, and I hardly noticed when they were being used because they looked so real! But this is not just an action movie with great action; it also has the great characters to back it up. Max himself is (as always) a very strong character that anyone can root for, but the ones who really steal the show are Imperator and Nux (played by Nicholas). Imperator is one of the most tenacious, fearsome, “never give up”, awesome female protagonists I have ever seen. Nux is just as much so, because his character motivation is simple, but deep. By the way, the actors couldn’t be replaced by anyone because no one else could do a better job than they did in their given roles. The last thing I want to touch on would be the story. It is surprisingly simple, but executed so well. This is nice because the thing I hated most about the original trilogy were the stupid decisions and obliviousness that most of the characters seemed to have, but that is nowhere to be found in this film.

I wanted to get this review out sooner, but I had to make sure I knew what to say about it before writing it. Nearly and I mean nearly everything about this movie works perfectly and the second this comes out on Blu-Ray I will buy it, and I suggest ALL of you watch it. Provided of course you have seen a Mad Max movie already (otherwise you’ll probably hate it). This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A+.


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