Inside Out

This movie is directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen. It is written by: Pete Docter, Ronaldo Del Carmen, Meg LeFauve, and Josh Cooley. It stars: Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, and Richard Kind. Premise- A girl named Riley is born and as she ages, her emotions begin to literally take shape in her mind and they create all kinds of memories as well as her personality. However, not all of life’s twists and turns can be pleasant.

Want to know why I went directly to the obligatory listing of the cast and crew? Perfect, that means I have your attention! I am not exaggerating when I say that this movie could (in my opinion) be the best Pixar film of all time. That means this movie is on par with Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles. That being said, there are one or two minor things that bothered me, for one, the character of Sadness. Obviously she has a major part in the story (the trailers showcased that), and although I understand what the writers were going for, the actual ending is a bit ambiguous. I can’t really say why (spoilers and all), but the way her character conflict was solved seemed a bit confusing. Other than that, the occasional unfunny joke, or minor plot hole were the only things that took me out of the experience.

Now I shall tell you why this is some of Pixar’s best work. First, the animation. It is freaking astounding! The attention-to-detail, character design, beautiful colors, and fluent CGI make this some of the best animation I have ever seen! Michael Giacchino once again delivers a wonderful score that compliments each scene of the movie. The voice acting is also top-notch. Each character has the perfect actor assigned to them, for example: Amy Poehler’s upbeat personality match Joy’s excited character, Bill Hader’s professional/goofy comedic style blends perfectly with Fear’s cautious, yet business-like personality, and Mindy Kaling’s diva-like voice makes a perfect Disgust. The comedy is also hilarious! I mean “belly laughs every other scene” levels of funny! However, the best part of this movie is the story. Pete Docter is one of the most creative people currently working in the animation industry. He wrote films like Monsters Inc., Up, and Toy Story. To me, Inside Out is his crowning achievement. The pure amount of imagination, style, and character in this movie is awe-inspiring. I have criticized movies before for having too many characters and not developing any of them, but Inside Out has done the impossible, and despite having about 8 main characters (not joking), they are likeable, funny, and very emotionally compelling (some of them more than others). Another thing I have criticized movies for is not balancing out the drama and humor correctly. Again this movie does that nearly flawlessly, and thus, this movie has all the necessary emotional impact without getting too serious (although one decision may be a bit too realistic for some viewers). Best of all, the premise itself is very original and well thought-out. Honestly, this story is so creative and inventive; the first movie that comes to mind when I think of other great stories is Inception (one of my top ten favorite movies of all time). And although the central conflict of this movie may not measure up to the conflicts in other Pixar films (like The Incredibles), the story in this movie is emotionally powerful nonetheless.

I love this movie, and I recommend it to everyone. Lovely animation, a brilliant and original story, perfect voice acting, and humor that delivers, Inside Out is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen (better than Big Hero 6). This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A.


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