Home review

My initial thoughts of this film were not particularly positive. The trailers showcased lots of toilet humor, (which is hardly done right anymore) many scenes that will date this movie (like The Lorax), and people like Rihanna in their cast. However, I still saw it. My opinion: I’m looking forward to Inside Out more than ever now.

This film is directed by Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge) and stars Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez. Written by the guys who did the screenplays for Get Smart and Epic, Home is about a unique alien who does not fit in (mostly because he is very clumsy) and when he and his fellow alien species are being threatened, they flee to find a new home (hence the vague title).

Ok, that last sentence in the introduction may have been a little harsh, but even so, this movie is just…..decent. There is nothing groundbreaking or really memorable in this film. Seriously, I was straining to recall all the plot points and character developments while I was writing this! That being said, it’s not really a bad film. To me, the best aspect of the movie is the ending. A somewhat unpredictable plot twist and a very heartwarming scene make that the highlight of the film. Other than that, only one thing stood out to me that was worthy of praise: Rihanna’s voice talent. Her character (the little girl from the trailers) sounds just like a little girl (which makes sense since she is a singer). And for someone who hated her performance in Battleship, this is music to my ears. A few plotholes here and there and the occasional gag or pop culture reference that will date this movie are the things that I disliked the most.

Again, I can classify this as “just ok”. The jokes are ok, the animation is ok, the voice acting is ok, the story is ok, and the direction is ok. This is not the worst movie ever, but comparing it to other DreamWorks movies like: Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and the almighty Price of Egypt, this is about as memorable as today’s breakfast. This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of a C.


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