Big Hero 6 Review

Now that Disney is back to making what it’s good at making, I can review something and never have to storm off in a fit of rage. I came to this movie expecting almost anything, and what I received exceeded my expectations. My formula for reviewing Disney movies consists of three main factors of their movies: characters, animation, and story/originality.

I’m actually conflicted about the characters in this film. On one hand, there is the main hero, Hiro (I see what you did there) who is a great person to root for. I was with him the whole way. You really sympathize with him as the movie shows us what he is going through emotionally. The villain is also well motivated (though his reason for what he does is a little out of left field). On the other hand, the supporting cast is mostly clichés. These include: the tough outcast chick, the wimpy black guy, the eccentric geek girl, the evil rich white man, and the dumpy hipster-lookin’ guy. However, (unlike in Alexander and the Stupidly Long Title) every one of these guys each have something different about them that redeems the cliché factor, as well as absolutely hilarious moments for all of them. The movie clearly took the time to ensure their characters would have dimension. Of course, the one adorable blob that holds this movie together is Baymax. Wow, he is just, perfect. I officially deem Baymax better than the Minions, and Olaf. He provides a lot to the plot as well as serving as a marketing technique. He is the marshmallowy glue that holds this movie together.

Now on to the story. This is easy enough to follow, though part of the ending is pretty predictable, (though it is still a powerful sequence). The pacing is done well, it never holds on to a single scene for too long or two short, and when you get the much anticipated montage of awesome, it feels great. As I mentioned before, the film takes time to build up its characters and as they bond, the audience bonds with them as well.

Finally, the animation. It is resplendent. Though not as impressive as previous films (Frozen) it holds up extremely well. Especially around the ending, where it mimics 2001: A Space Odyssey. The fight sequences are amazing to watch. If you thought the fights in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were cool, just see this! The combination of CGI animation and outstanding use of the camera simply make these moments so stunning and exhilarating.

Now, what I don’t like about this movie. Well, it’s mostly just nitpicking. The semi-predictable ending, the stereotype clichés, or the fact that Disney just keeps killing off parents and adult figures with little to no explanation. However, these hardly damage the film and even though it is not my favorite (or even a go-to Disney) film, it is funny to hear, beautiful to watch and I’d definitely recommend checking it out. This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A-.


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