Source Code Review

A friend of mine asked me to review this movie. I am SO grateful that they did. Source Code is directed by Duncan Jones and written by Ben Ripley. Stars-Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffery Wright. Premise-A man wakes up on a train and quickly realizes that he is in another man’s body. He soon discovers that he’s in a government program that is trying to solve the mystery of a train bombing and he only has 8 minutes to complete his mission. And every time he fails, the 8 minuets reset and he has even less time to prevent the next bombing.

What a cast this movie has! As far as Jake Gyllenhaal performances go, this is probably one of his best. He’s witty, dramatic, and above all, showcases his Gyllenhaal charisma. Michelle Monaghan is also very impressive. As for the story, wow. This is how you write an action movie! Original, thrilling, and detailed from beginning to end (like Mad Max: Fury Road or Die Hard for example). The character Jake portrays (Colter) is a very likeable and compelling protagonist and his character arch is very heartwarming. Speaking of the ending, it’s awesome! Clever, heartwarming, and really satisfying! Another great thing about this movie’s story is the pacing. It is near perfect. That is mostly because the plot begins and ends in about an hour, so the story is constantly on the move; therefore, there is never a wasted scene in this movie. Either character development or extreme suspense/intrigue is taking place in every scene. I haven’t seen pacing this good in an action movie since Commando. One thing that surprised me is the jokes. I’m not familiar with other Ben Ripley films, but he wrote many funny and clever jokes into this movie. The special effects and direction also complement the movie very well. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was Jeffery Wright’s character. He didn’t really have much influence on the plot, and became annoyingly pretentious after a while. Other than that, nothing bothered me.

This movie is definitely in my top 15 most underrated movies ever. Everything about this movie is impressive: from the acting, to the story, to the pacing, to the direction. Yet somehow this movie wasn’t nominated for any Oscars (come on Academy, at least Best Original Screenplay or Best Actor in a Leading Role) and only grossed $147 million to its $32 million budget (that’s not nearly as much as this movie deserves). If you’re wondering why this review is so short, it’s because I can’t really talk about anything besides what I’ve already praised the movie for. I strongly suggest you watch it if you want to see a short, thrilling and well-acted film with intelligence. Source Code gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A. Btw, a sequel is in the works.


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