My Thoughts On Southpaw

I guess it is necessary to post my thoughts on Southpaw.  Gyllenhaal gives a decent performance (although I’ve seen better from him), while Forest Whitaker and Rachel McAdams are the best actors in the movie.  The camerawork for the most part is sturdy, but every now and then it jerks around for no reason.  Story wise, the movie falls short.  The whole plot is composed of two sporting movie clichés: ‘the fallen champion’, and ‘the underdog’.  So forgive me if I found this movie to be a bit too familiar. I love Tears of the Sun, Shooter, and even Olympus has Fallen was a fun summer flick (all directed by Antoine Fuqua).  However, Southpaw is by far the worst film of his (at least that I’ve seen).  Southpaw gets Guy’s Guru Grade of a C+.

Also, I have didn’t review this movie when it came out because I waited to see it with my Dad (who has a busy work schedule).  Same goes for Mission: Impossible-Rouge Nation.  I apologize, I should have notified everyone earlier, but I am going to see certain movies with my Dad (Spectre will be another) as he is also a movie fanatic.

Thank you for your understanding.


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