My Thoughts on Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation

Much like Southpaw, I saw this movie with my Dad way past its initial public release to theatres.  So much so, that reviewing it would be pretty pointless.  So here are my thoughts.

The acting in this movie is freaking fantastic!  The best of them being (in my opinion) Simon Pegg.  He delivers the funniest lines, and is single handedly is worth the price of admission.  Of course, the rest of the cast (three of them being Oscar nominated) are just as impressive as always.  I think this is Cruise’s best performance in a Mission: Impossible movie yet.  The direction is pretty good (although shaky cam can be found in a few scenes), and the story is pretty well paced, and interesting.  There is this one scene that takes place in an Opera, and it is: tense, suspenseful, funny, and very exciting (best scene in the movie I think)!  The villain is an improvement on the last one, but he’s no Philip Seymour Hoffman.  The climax of the movie is great!  It’s less like Mission: Impossible III (action driven) and more subtle.  Overall, Rouge Nation is a great addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise.  Not the best one, but far from Mission: Impossible IIMission: Impossible-Rouge Nation gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A-.  Seriously, you should go watch this movie if you haven’t already.

Mission: Impossible Films Ranked

Mission: Impossible – A

Mission: Impossible II – D

Mission: Impossible III – A-

Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol – B+

Mission: Impossible-Rouge Nation – A-


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