My Thoughts On: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Well, I guess I have made enough of these to warrant a new tab on my blog (I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing).  In any case, The Scorch Trials.  If you read my review of The Maze Runner, you would know that I enjoyed it significantly more than expected.  Despite suffering from a terrible ending, it still had solid direction, decent acting, cool set design, and a great sense of tension.  The sequel is a completely different story.  As far as positives, the wide landscape shots (which there are a lot of) are beautiful, Dylan O’Brian’s acting is slightly better, the set design and F/X are much more impressive (thanks to a higher budget), and there are some chase scenes which are pretty exciting.  Despite those highlights, there were an incredible amount of egregious negatives.  For one, this movie got WAY too over-dramatic in one scene (a death scene), which would have worked if the character dying had a, well, personality.  I mentioned that there were some entertaining chases, the problem is that shaky-cam strikes back and makes a few of those scenes very disorientating.  When it comes to the story, the best word to describe it would be lackluster.  There are a bunch of plotholes (especially in the first act), the dialog is composed mostly of predictable clichés and poorly delivered speeches.  However, the absolute worst aspect of this movie is its formula.  You heard right, there is a formula for this movie and it goes at follows.  After escaping the base in the first 20 minutes, O’Brian and gang run for awhile in deserted terrain looking for someone.  They eventually find that someone, but the bad guys show up and they have to escape.  Then they run across more deserted terrain and look for another person.  They find that person, but the bad guys show up and they have to escape again!  This train of redundancy goes around the track at least three times in the movie (which is atrocious if you’re getting paid good money to write a professionally made feature film adaptation, writers).

I should be thankful that The Summer of Disappointments is over (this movie came out on Sept 9).  If you haven’t already, watch The Martian, and avoid this lazily-made sequel, unless you really care about this franchise (this movie kinda destroyed my interest).  Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials gets Guy’s Guru Grade of a C-.  Sorry for the lateness of this post, the last few weeks were pretty hectic.


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