Interstellar Review (sorta)

Many believe this to be Christopher Nolan’s first major flop, and those people are what I’d like to call: incorrect. This rivals The Dark Knight in terms of Nolan’s best film. I am not kidding. There is far too much to talk about, so let’s begin.

Nolan does two things extremely well, his casting choices, and how the tone of his movies feel. I’ve heard a few critics complain about how his characters are bland and uninteresting. With the exception of The Dark Knight and a few characters in Interstellar, his characters are uninteresting at times, yes, but just because we know everything about them doesn’t mean that they are weak characters. Matthew McConaughey’s character is extremely relatable and in one emotionally powerful scene, his acting (also something critics complain about) drove me to tears! And since the last time I cried was watching Godzilla 2014 (the lightning breath gets me every time), this is a sure sign McConaughey is a great actor. As for the rest of the cast, Michael Caine is (as always) great, Anne Hathaway preforms decently, and the supporting cast also does well. Another worry and common criticism, there is not enough action. First of all, you can’t expect constant action in every sci-fi film you come across, and second, there is plenty of action! Even if there is not enough there, plenty of thrills and suspense keep you invested. Not to mention the visuals are great, it looks like Guardians of the Galaxy’s effects and 2001: A Space Odyssey’s visuals, captured perfectly. Now for the story. Mind-blowing. That is it. I can’t explain anything because it would spoil the film no matter how hard I tried. It is complicated, deep minded, and it requires lots of thought. You just have to see it for yourself in order to truly grasp the awe that is: Interstellar.

Be forewarned though, this is nearly three hours long! That didn’t matter to me, as I never left my seat once for the entire duration of the movie. You will also have to be patient, as it takes till the hour mark to really pick up. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and I’ll get it as soon as it releases on Blu-ray.  This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A+.

*Edit*  You can tell I wrote this when I was just starting out!  Despite this, Interstellar is still a fantastic movie you all should watch.  If you are confused as to why this was posted, check out my Updates/Important Stuff page.  All of the info is in those posts.



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