My Thoughts On: Steve Jobs

This week, we got yet another film which has an all-star crew working on it.  Oscar winning director: Danny Boyle, Oscar winning writer: Aaron Sorkin, and Oscar nominated Michael Fassbender playing one of the individuals who shaped the modern world into what it is today.

I will admit this is not one of the movies I was dying to see this year, however I am glad that I did see it.  The directing and cinematography are solid, the supporting cast (particularly Jeff Daniels) is excellent, and as for the writing, well it is respectable (also the lighting in this movie is some of the best I have ever seen).  Here is the thing, I think Aaron Sorkin was the perfect choice to write this movie, after all, he did win an Oscar for The Social Network (one of the best movies I have ever seen).  However, Steve Jobs, whilst admirable, is not nearly as thrilling as The Social Network.  Admittedly, this could be the result of Steve Jobs not benefiting from David Fincher’s unbeatable direction and a suspenseful score, even if that is the case, there are certain aspects of the story which are pretty sub par.  While the depiction of Steve Jobs himself is interesting, none of the other characters are that interesting.  However, the biggest problem with the story is that we never get to see some of Jobs’ legendary speeches.  That is extremely disappointing, because things he has said in the past have influenced and inspired people for years.  Most of the movie looks at the behind-the-scenes aspects of his life, which is not bad, but before the 70 minute mark shows up, the film is a bit boring.

Before I conclude, I have to talk about the two best parts of this movie.  Michael Fassbender’s performance and one particular scene.  The scene I am speaking of takes place at about the hour mark.  The whole scene (which goes on for about 3 minutes) is about Jobs arguing with John Sculley (played by Daniels), and it is incredibly well shot, acted, and the score adds the intensity to make this scene the best one in the entire movie.  Michael Fassbender, my googly gosh he is fantastic!  Steve is a major jerk in this movie, but Fassbender’s irresistible charm make his character likable despite how badly he treats his friends.  I honestly think he deserves the Leading Actor Oscar more than any other actor this year so far.

If you’re wondering why I did a “My Thoughts On” for this movie, it’s because I have a lot of schoolwork this week, but don’t fret, something very special will come out on Wednesday.  In the meantime, Steve Jobs gets Guy’s Guru Grade of a B.


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