Update-This Week

My review of The Peanuts Movie will be pushed back to Friday the 13th (no, not just because it is the 13th).  This is because homework continues to be a thorn in my side (surprise, surprise), because of that I will not be reviewing Angelina Jolie’s By the SeaPeanuts will serve as a replacement as it is only two days more.  Also, if you are a lover of the internet critic Chris Stuckmann (like me) it is likely that you have seen his review of The Peanuts Movie.  I did NOT rip off/take influence/copy his review in any way (as it is very similar to mine), we usually have the same opinion on movies.  Also, I plan to make a few changes to my site.  Supposedly these changes will happen on Saturday the14th, so don’t panic if things look different, but I think some things need a remodel.

Thank you guys for continuing to read my content and for being patient with me.  Your viewership keeps me going!


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