Update-December/My Thoughts On: Krampus

Many of you may be wondering where the heck I have been for the last few weeks. Well, I had finals. There you go. Needless to say, my first final exams for college courses took up even more of my time. I apologize for not having reviews for: Krampus, Spotlight, and In the Heart of the Sea. However, I was able to catch a late showing of Krampus recently so I am able to write a “My Thoughts On” for it.

Now for some good news. The end of the year is approaching, and with that comes big changes for me. For one, I’m going on a vacation (a well-deserved one I’d say). Now that I am done with this semester, I will be able to “evolve” my reviews into something much more, shall I say, entertaining. I will keep this surprise a secret because I have no idea when I will be able to reveal this plan. My reviews will continue throughout this month and there will be a list or two appearing very soon.   Now on to the review, thoughts, thing, you know what I mean!

Directed and (partially) written by Michael Dougherty, Krampus is about a family who is hunted and stalked by Santa Claus’ evil polar opposite; Krampus. I guess the director of one of the biggest cult classics of all time (Trick ‘r Treat) would eventually get to make another film at some point. The opening scene is hilarious (and it surprisingly moves the plot forward), Adam Scott and Conchata Ferrell get the funniest lines in the movie, there are a few genuinely suspenseful scenes, and there is an exposition scene (like the ones in Pan, Deathly Hallows Part 1, or Lady in the Water) which is done with stylized stop-motion animation (for whatever reason). It honestly makes me wonder why the movie itself wasn’t done completely in animation! We could have possibly gotten another Coralline or Monster House (another cult classic)! Heck, the movie would be even better because the designs of some of these monsters look too ridiculous to be taken seriously (or considered scary for that matter).

Speaking of the monsters: their costumes and designs range from creatively creepy to creatively stupid, but at least they are practical effects (unlike Goosebumps). But what brings this movie down the most for me was two things; the ending and the characters. I thought the movie was going to end at three different times, but the actual ending felt a bit unnecessary. I think they changed this because the (possibly original) ending was too dark (it is very dark), but they changed it at the last minute. As for the characters, most of them are very unlikeable and annoying, which is the last thing you (as a filmmaker) want when the audience is supposed to care about these trapped people. Yeah, the story of this movie is pretty flawed, but I wasn’t expecting anything special anyway.

Overall, this movie is not a complete waste of time. It has its moments, but I’d rather re-watch The Visit, Hotel Transylvania 2, or save my money for the huge amount of hyped movies coming out this December. Krampus gets Guy’s Guru Grade of a C. Thank you for staying with me and continuing to view my content, you guys rock!


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