Godzilla (2014) Review

Guys, this is one of my favorite movies of 2014….no kidding. Absolutely EVERYONE was (and still are) hesitant to watch this movie, but rest assured, Matthew Broderick, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devilin are nowhere to be seen. They’ve been replaced with Gareth Edwards, Ken Watanabe (oh yeah), and Bryan Cranston (heck yeah). The opinions of this film have been pretty one sided (the not-so-good side), but there is a lot to love here.

Allow me to first address the issues people have with the film. Because I want to avoid spoilers I won’t say what happened, but I will say this. Something happens in the first thirty minutes that made most critics go on a rant. While I do think the producers shouldn’t have chosen to (spoiler that I won’t reveal), the movie hardly suffers from it. It is actually kinda cool to see a movie that has the guts to do something so drastic (again, the spoiler) and believe it can carry on afterwards. Other than that, a more common complaint would be that the amount of time Godzilla is actually on-screen is surprisingly short. First, this movie is entertaining and suspenseful enough to keep you awake until the beast of the hour shows up. Second, remember my Interstellar review? In it, I addressed an issue most people had with it, that there was not enough action. This is the same complaint here! If you want non-stop action with no character development or a good story, go watch Transformers (any one of them will do).  However, there is one thing they consistently do, and that is sadly cut before a fight scene takes place. It gets pretty annoying when Godzilla is facing down the enemy and then we switch to a shot of a news report. Aside from that, when the climax finally arrives. It.   Is.   Stunning.

Alright, now the reasons why this film owns! As I stated earlier, the actors do extremely well. Mr. Cranston delivers the best acting while Aaron Taylor-Johnson puts on some big boy pants since his last movie (Kick-A** 2), and does very well as the lead role. Elizabeth Olsen also gives her all. Ken Watanabe, despite delivering the most dramatic lines and moments (for some reason) can’t close his mouth for like, every moment he is on screen. It’s a little distracting, but still dramatic. The last highlights here are the story and the cinematography. The premise is exactly what you expect from a Godzilla movie, but they mix it up a bit and give more development to Godzilla himself. If you haven’t seen (or heard) any spoilers about this film, then the plot will pleasantly surprise you. As stated above, the shots (when they are not cutting away from the action) are truly remarkable to witness. There are at least six extraordinary shots of: amazing effects, intense action, or extremely well directed scenes. Also in my Interstellar review, I said I cried watching this flick. One of these shots was the cause. I know the word is incredibly overused nowadays, but by definition, it was “awesome”. Seriously, the ending half-hour alone is worth checking this movie out.

This was a grand film. It’s well directed, backed-up by a cast of actors who (for the most part) take this role seriously, and has a solid storyline with the effects and pure stellar to compliment it. Yes, the editing is a bit annoying, and Godzilla’s screen time is phenomenally short, but everything else more than makes up for it. This gets Guy’s Guru Grade of an A-.


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