Update-Jan 26

Hello everybody!  Here’s another pertinent update that should clarify some things.  First, there will not be a review for The 5th Wave (although from what I hear, it’s not worth watching anyway).  I have to wait to see it with my dad.  In the meantime, check out my The Sword of Doom (Criterion Collection) review.

The second thing I want to mention is actually a petition.  No, it’s not meant for me.  It is actually for the very talented writer, Tom Warburton.  If you don’t recognize that name, he also likes to go by Mr. Warburton.  Still don’t get it?  Ok, he’s the creator/writer/director of Codename: Kids Next Door, one of the best children’s cartoons ever made!  If you have not seen this show, then I recommend checking it out in the future.  Creative stories, outstanding humor, a stylistic edge, intelligent writing, action-packed settings, and wonderful characters made that show one of Cartoon Network’s best shows of all time (and they brought us Adventure Time and Regular Show!).  Although Codename: KND has long since stopped airing new episodes, Mr. Warburton (and his endless amount of ideas) has announced that he has a story that he would like to pitch to Cartoon Network and (hopefully) get picked up for a series.  You can learn more about the current development by watching Warburton’s animatic teaser on YouTube here, and watching a hilarious (and informative) video here (I also discovered the petition by watching this video).  Sign the petition here and let’s get this inspiring creator back in the spotlight!

Third of all, I was pondering the movies of 2015 and realized that I forgot about Sinister 2 and subsequently didn’t place it in the Worst Movies of 2015 (it would be #9 or #10).  I also forgot to place Furious 7 as an honorable mention in The Best Movies of 2015.  Oh well, these were my first lists, I was bound to trip-up at some point.

Finally, thank you guys for staying with me into this new year!  While it will not be as anticipated as 2015, that does not equal “boring” or “lacking in quality,” so we’ll see what happens.


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