Deadpool Review

When I first heard that they were going to make a Deadpool movie, my immediate concern was something like this, “Please 20th Century Fox, for the love of Joseph make the movie rated R! There is no other way to capture Deadpool’s character than by sacrificing potential profits for quality.” Ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a reason to like 20th Century Fox.

Deadpool is directed by Tim Miller and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, Brianna Hildebrand, Taylor Higson, and Stefan Kapicic as the voice of Colossus. Premise-A sick mercenary undergoes an illegal medical treatment in hopes that it will heal him. It heals, mutates and horribly disfigures him. Now his body can heal from almost anything and he has ninja-like abilities, both of which he’ll use to catch the person who ruined his body.

I truly believe that if this movie was in the hands of Disne… I mean Marvel; they would make it PG-13 just to make more money. But Fox for once made the right decision and gave the movie an R rating, I can almost forgive them for ruining both The Fantastic Four and Spider-Man in the past 2 years… almost. Here’s the deal, if you’re an adult, you have to see this movie, but do not take anyone under 15 to see it. There is some stuff in this movie that is so inappropriate, that it made me feel uncomfortable (and I’ve seen A Clockwork Orange)! That said, this movie exceeds expectations!

What’s amazing about this movie is that the setup is very basic. The plot is a combination of the revenge storyline and the “do anything for love” trope. One thing you have to keep in mind is that it is fine to use these tropes and others like it (although I would prefer something a bit more original) so long as you add something different into the mix to create an original product. Inside Out has constantly been compared to Osmosis Jones or Herman’s Head because they all have the same premise (personified emotions living inside the brain of a human). What makes Inside Out pure genius are the ideas and original elements they write into the story. The premise is merely a starting point for them. The same goes for Deadpool.

In this case, what makes Deadpool great is the comedy and action. Many practical effects were used and although the CGI is a bit noticeable, they don’t overuse it. Instead we get some fantastic stunt work and fight choreography. I don’t know who they found to be stuntman Deadpool, but this guy is awesome (Ray Park level stuff)! The only issue I have with the action scenes are the superfluous amount to quick cuts and odd camera angles. But the action scenes are enjoyably brutal and great entertainment nonetheless.

As I said, the comedy is what makes this movie exceptional. Deadpool’s character could have easily come off as annoying rather than funny, but the writers nailed it! Deadpool is just as funny, sarcastic, vulgar, and unexplainably likeable as ever. The mixture of fourth wall jokes (some of the best I have ever seen), swear words, sexual innuendos/euphemisms (trust me, there are a lot of those), and Reynolds’ perfect delivery of each joke kept me laughing throughout the film. I don’t care that I haven’t seen half of his movies, none of his roles could compare to Deadpool! Each scene where he is wearing the suit is nothing but fun, not to put down the scenes where he is Wade Wilson which are also very entertaining.

I regards to negatives, while there are a few, it’s mostly just nitpicking. For one, there are too many close-ups. This is Tim Miller’s first actual movie (way to hit the ground running Miller), so I can give him a little leeway if the camerawork is odd at points. Many of the side characters don’t get that much screen time, which is a shame because many of them are surprisingly funny and creative (especially the featured X-Men). The creators were obviously putting most of their effort into Deadpool’s character, which they more than succeeded at. Besides, there will be plenty of time to develop those characters in later movies. The storytelling is unnecessarily confusing as well. It follows that Christopher Nolan style of telling the story out of order, and although I like that style, it really has no point for this specific plot. The runtime is about 10 minutes to long, and the villain is bland and forgettable (although he is better than Darren Cross from Ant-Man). As I said, this is mostly just nitpicking.

The last commendable thing I want to talk about is something I’m positive next to no other critics have mentioned, the editing. This is the type of movie that requires each shot, recording of dialog, and sound effect to be on point or else a joke won’t work or you’ll miss something important (Fight Club or Memento for example). The editing of this movie (done by Julian Clarke) is excellent! Each shot is cut together very well and the result is outstanding comedic timing, I’d give examples, but I don’t want to spoil a single joke.

Deadpool is the best superhero movie since Guardians of the Galaxy rivaled only by Age of Ultron (just barely). It’s certainly the funniest comic book movie I have ever seen, and it receives Guy’s Guru Grade of an A.


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