It’s Time To Speak Up (#WTFU)

I have been meaning to make this post for awhile.  No, I have not been personally affected, but I have been keeping up with this issue way back before it became “a popular topic” (around 2012) so to speak.   I don’t have much time to explain (I wouldn’t be the one you want explaining the technicalities of it either) so I’ll include video links that you need to watch.

If you care (and I mean, REALLY care) about the state of copyright laws in the U.S., YouTube and its users, or Freedom of Speech, then continue reading.

What has essentially happened is that the government is giving the public a chance to voice their complaints and revel what companies (Hasbro, Viacom, Shout! Factory, etc.) have been illegally practicing for years.  Together, larger numbers can fix this issue, therefore I implore you to share this post (and these videos) in any way you can with whoever you can.  Thank you for your time.



Where you can voice your concerns to Washington


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