No Thoughts On: “Manchester by the Sea”

Plot twist!  I am not reviewing this movie.  Not because I am lazy, or because I didn’t see the movie, it’s because I do not understand it.  Being 19, privileged, and a millennial, I have had very little life experience, especially with what Manchester by the Sea (or How to get Nominated for All the Oscars) displays.

Remember the critics’ reaction to Inception?  While most of it was positive, there was an unusually large amount of negative criticism that basically boiled down to, “it’s confusing.”  One of my rules of criticism (of any type) is “Understand it before you criticize it.”  Surely, I don’t have to explain why.  The point is that Manchester by the Sea is not meant for me.  It’s meant for grown adults with kids, significant others, and generally has more life issues than me.  The only thing I am confident in saying is that the acting, music, and cinematography is some of the best of 2016, no doubt.

What makes this movie different from, say, A Clockwork Orange or The Lobster (both movies that I will review in the future), is that they are both comedies.  They are also very weird movies that are not the most relatable.  Manchester by the Sea is one of those slice-of-life movies that is supposed to mirror real people in real situations with real problems.

Thank you for your understanding, my next review will be of something I definitely understand.  P.S. If you really want a grade for this movie, it would be a B (unofficially).


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