Update-Website Changes, Moving, and New Schedule.

My gosh, trying to figure out WordPress editing is a pain.  So here’s the situation:

This week, my family and I are moving to a new house.  I’ve been packing (I have a lot of crap) the last two weeks, and the actual transportation process is quite complicated, so I have a deadline for having all my stuff packed (no “day-of” cramming for me!).  This is why it took Alien: Covenant forever to publish. I did catch a matinee of King Arthur, so I’ll try to have a MTO (My Thoughts On) for it on Saturday.  My schedule will change with the new digs as well.  Keep two sharp eyes out at my “About” page, as it will always have the most updated version of my schedule on it.

One other factor is my financial situation.  I’m quitting my job when I move (the commute would be too long).  Yes, I will have much more free time, but I will also have much less money to spend at the theater seeing every single summer blockbuster (hence why there will not be a Pirates 5 or Wonder Woman review anytime soon).  The reviews will be less frequent, but steady (hopefully).

Also, that opening sentence does tie into something.  I’m currently trying to improve my site so that it’s easier to view.  For example, when these redesigns are complete, the entire reviews will be linked in the pictures.  The whole review will not be on the home page.  This way: the home page is less cluttered, my statistics will be more accurate, and you don’t have to scroll down forever!  I have no idea how to accomplish this yet, but I never quit, so just know that it will be done.  Unless it requires me to pay for a new theme or something, which I can’t do (don’t have a job anymore).

Well, that about does it.  When all this mess is over, I’ll let you know.  I have many exciting things coming over summer.  But for now, thanks a ton.  Toss some comments my way letting me know if there’s anything about the site that bothers you, shower me with compliments, or point out that one typo that always slips past editing.


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